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Let’s partner to provide the best early childhood intervention for your child. Through care and respect, partnership, knowledge and expertise, we’re dedicated to providing a space where you and your child can flourish.

Every child has potential, and at McKenzie Centre, we’re committed to realising this, developing and nurturing it. We know that diagnosis and prognosis times are often overwhelming for families. It’s important to us to include everyone in the family – the child, siblings, parents, extended whānau – when providing support and setting goals. By combining our expertise with that of the family, we work together to ensure your child reaches his or her potential and achieves his or her goals.

We are proud to offer both children and their whānau, hope, friendship, strength, confidence, safety and a pathway to growth. We love celebrating your child’s achievements with you.

McKenzie Centre’s vision is that children who have disabilities and their families, are supported to have full and fulfilling lives in communities which value them.

At McKenzie Centre you won’t just receive a service, you’ll become part of a community. You’ll develop relationships with our outstanding team of professionals, as well as other children and families. You’ll have access to groups, information sessions, workshops and events, as well as comprehensive, evidence-based support to develop plans and reach goals for your child and family.

McKenzie Centre is able to offer support to children and whānau who live within a 50 kilometre radius of our site at 30 Hammond Street, Hamilton.


Our mission statement | Realising a child’s potential.

Our Vision and Values shape every interaction and drive all of our people and processes

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our team


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Our identity

Our distinctive brand logo has undergone a few evolutions, but to the core remains reflective of our values and who we represent as an organisation.

The swirl (koru) represents the enveloping of everyone – child, parent, siblings, extended family/whanau all working together to achieve a common goal – to start at the core and wind slowly up the path to success – being supported all the way. The hand represents McKenzie Centre giving children a “helping hand” in life.

The tag line ‘Realising a child’s potential’ was the outcome of some deliberation. The trustees, staff and families wanted a line that was simple and captured that McKenzie Centre is a place for children. There are different ways of interpreting this phrase. For example, some families do not realise their child has potential; particularly if they have been given a poor prognosis or are feeling overwhelmed.

The parent’s expertise combined with the expertise of the staff help our children develop to their fullest potential and children realise or reach their goals. At McKenzie Centre you have other parents who celebrate your child’s achievements with you; sometimes the significance of our children’s achievements are not understood by others who have typically developing children. Parents often tell us they come to McKenzie Centre as they feel accepted and comfortable here.

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