Our Teams

At McKenzie Centre, our team are experts in their fields.

Our team approach ensures you get the best outcomes, because all of our specialists are in one place and are connected to one another.

From speech language and occupational therapists to assistive technology specialists, teachers to psychologists, and physiotherapists to social workers, we ensure your child’s needs are met at every step.


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Peer Workers

At McKenzie Centre, we employ and train peer workers, who are parents who have experience in raising a child with a disability or developmental delay. Our Peer Workers support other families by sharing experiences and knowledge, and by facilitating social connections to help lessen feelings of isolation.

McKenzie Centre believes that Peer Workers are a valuable yet under-utilised resource, which is complementary to our other early intervention services.  Peer Workers can offer insights and provide new ways for other whānau to build knowledge. McKenzie Centre is proud to be supporting the establishment of a peer workforce.

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ESWs - Education Support Workers

Our Education Support workers support early childhood teachers to include a child with high or very high additional learning needs in the early childhood centre’s education programme. This support enables the child to participate, engage in learning experiences and to be present at their early childhood centre.

Education Support workers extend the child’s play and learning experiences and, as part of the team around the child, contribute to the achievement of the goals detailed in the child’s individual plan.

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Board of Trustees

McKenzie Centre is governed and supported by a dedicated trust board of volunteers who have diverse experience and are united by their commitment to children and families.


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Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group is made up of committed volunteers with diverse professional and lived experience who are passionate about McKenzie Centre and its Mission. This group supports our work by advising on both strategic and operational activities, and also participates in our Trust board’s annual strategic planning meeting, together with whānau and other stakeholders.

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