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Parent Survey 2010 Feeback

1 November 2010 10:58 AM
Parent Survey 2010 Feeback - Lillian Martin

2010 Parent Survey Feedback Comments

Every year McKenzie Centre conducts a Parent survey to help review how and what we are doing and whether there are areas parents would like us to build into our service so that we can better meet the needs of families. We really appreciate learning about parents’ thoughts and ideas, and a survey is a good way to do this. We receive funding from the Ministries of Health and Education and are required to report back to them regularly. They want to know we are offering families the services they need.

This year our survey focused on our service expectation which states that all children have current documented individual plans that contain meaningful learning outcomes and promote achievement. IP’s are about individualised goal setting and putting a plan into place to achieve these goals. Goals are set in conjunction with the team involved with the child and families. The IP’s are reviewed on a regular basis (min 6 monthly).

Here are some of the 2010 comments

“I find they are very good to keep up to date with progress”

“Interesting to see where M is at and what she is achieving. Great to sit alongside and have someone explain what is happening – always comfortable, fun environment for M and with familiar people.’

“It would be nice to have them more often depending on what stage the child is at.”

“Every topic is talked about fully with me and any decisions made are explained and talked about.”

“These meetings are great as all involved are informed and kept all at the same level, making it easier to maintain and achieve all at the same level, and expectations.”

“Very informative especially when my boy improves and needs change.”

“Helpful with relative information to help me attain goals with and education decisions for B.”

What could we do to make them more useful?

“Make them into fridge magnets so we can refresh ourselves on our goals.”

“It’s really great to have a record of M’s goals and achievements. To be honest, meeting with the keyworkers regularly helps us to keep current goals and the IP report is interesting to look back on to see how things have changed.”

Things we do well?

“Friendly. Always happy to help. Nothing is too much trouble.”

“The way we are spoken to is very pleasant. When we find we have not been doing something correctly in terms of helping his development, I don’t feel leave feeling “told off”.”

“Interaction with the children is great. Music / mat time is great. Heaps of activities for the children to do. Therapists always trying new things to help kids. Staff in office area are very helpful and friendly.”

“I think you make all of the parents feel just as important as the children. All staff are caring and interested in what goes on in our lives. In all my life I have never come across such a wonderful team of people that work so well together, care about each other and go that extra mile for all families of the McKenzie Centre. I say keep up the good work and hope Santa brings you a big bonus this year.”

“Treating us like friends, always welcoming. Giving us good ideas for home play and addressing issues with play/ practical suggestions.”