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Parent Survey 2011 Feedback

2 November 2011 2:43 PM
Parent Survey 2011 Feedback - Lillian Martin

The Parent Survey 2011 focus was on Implementation. Thank you for the feedback, we were pleased to learn that all of the people who responded feel the activities in their child’s IP are age, appropriate, motivating and meaningful and that the team around their child is involved in setting the goals and implementing them successfully. We especially appreciate the comments and here are a couple of examples. “The degree of expertise is fantastic all avenues are well covered.” “Love the fast regular meetings that take place involving people from within the Centre and those outside that all help to make L’s life easier and more fulfilling”. Most of the comments were very positive but we appreciate knowing things we could do better, a couple of suggestions were; making sure to introduce new families at mat times, larger areas as sometimes the sessions are very noisy, quiet zones, theme weeks, and extend the roof above the computers for taller people. You will be pleased to know we have already taken action for some of these ideas for example we introduced a theme for the end of year party- red and green! Ruth has changed the table on the mezzanine so hopefully this suits the taller folk. As you know we are looking at the feasibility of extending the building and re configuring it and as part of that plan we will include larger play areas and a quiet zone.