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Parent Survey 2009 Feedback

26 April 2010 10:12 AM
Parent Survey 2009 Feedback - Lillian Martin

Parent Survey 2009 Feedback comments
Every year McKenzie Centre conducts a Parent survey to help review how and what we are doing and whether there are areas parents would like us to build into our service so that we can better meet the needs of families. We really appreciate learning about parents’ thoughts and ideas, and a survey is a good way to do this. We receive funding from the Ministries of Health and Education and are required to report back to them regularly. They want to know we are offering families the services they need. This year, 2009, the focus of the survey was Assessment.

Here are some of the 2009 comments…
“Everyone always makes you feel welcome. Staff are so friendly & approachable. Lots of fun & energy going on too! My son loves it. Bringing all the parents together for a coffee is an awesome idea too. Even if you are a bit scared to join in, you are made to feel really welcome.”
“We have been very impressed with all aspects of the centre and regard ourselves as fortunate to be able to take advantage of the facility.”
“Very inviting & comforting environment where the whole family is made to feel welcome- even our older son. So many opportunities to offer.”
“Am very pleased with everyone & everything here. Awesome staff!”
“All staff make children feel welcome. You go at the child’s pace. Good at communicating with families.”
“Always keep us up to date. Provide work sheets to take home weekly. Therapists really care & have a personal touch.”
“Step by step teaching. Good positive manner. Working hard & helping children to progress & help to reach goals.”
“Always there if we have any questions, always willing to listen to our ideas!”
“Keeping me informed about my son. Making sure my son gets his learning needs met. Offering advice for other family siblings to help me & now my children are settled & happy. Teaching me how to be a more confident & consistent parent, this has enriched our family.”
“Genuine personal interest in child & families.”
“Feel very welcome & accepted – thank you!”
“We are so grateful to be able to attend McKenzie Centre as everyone is incredible & in the short time we have been coming (our son) has improved so much & we have all learnt so much. I am particularly impressed at how welcomed & involved (his older brother) is. He enjoys coming as much as (the younger one) & is also gaining so much from the experience – thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“Love the new outside play area. Love music time. Computer games are a hit. (The Psychologist) is such a help & it’s good to know you are not going completely mad.”
“I feel … so privileged… and lucky to be able to use this centre. Coming here has helped our family in so many ways, keep up the great work.”
“I am a grandparent. I have found the McKenzie Centre staff very helpful. Staff take what leads they can from the children & turn them into a learning & fun situation for them. I have learned not to yell at my grandson & to redirect him quietly.”