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Specialist Service Review

1 June 2010 12:28 PM
Specialist Service Review - Lillian Martin

The following is an extract of the External Review of the Specialist Service Standards conducted by the Ministry of Education on 8 – 10 February 2010.

The standards are organised into eight steps of a Service Pathway:
• Access
• Engagement
• Assessment and analysis
• Programme planning
• Implementation
• Review
• Closure
• Follow- up and reflection
This review evaluated in significant depth the extent to which McKenzie Centre meets the Specialist Service Standards for two steps of the Service Pathway – “Access” and “Assessment and Analysis”, by tracking the services to selected children who are receiving Early Intervention funding.
The Reviewers interviewed the Centre Director, staff in their capacity as Specialists and Key Workers, two teachers in the Early Childhood Centres that the selected children attend and the parents of the selected children. They also examined relevant documentation and records and made judgments about the quality of McKenzie Centre’s self review process.

The findings:
McKenzie Centre has strong relationships and networks with the community. This means that families, whanau and educators are able to make informed choices about the range of services and service providers in their area.
Management at McKenzie Centre is very competent. The Centre Director is well organised and provides strong leadership and professional support to the specialists.
Specialists, management and parents work closely together. This means that there is true partnership with parents who are fully involved in all decisions made about services for their children.
McKenzie Centre has robust assessment processes. Careful planning takes place around the initial assessment and subsequent ongoing assessments, which are purposeful, culturally sensitive and take into account the language background of the child.
McKenzie Centre is meeting Professional Practice Standards for “Access” and “Assessment and Analysis” as well as “Management” and “Organizational Standards” related to “Access”.
McKenzie Centre has effective systems for identifying strengths and weaknesses as part of its self review process. Those who receive service from McKenzie Centre can be confident that management and specialists have the self knowledge which allows them to continually reflect on the quality of their service provision.
McKenzie Centre is meeting all but one of the ‘Management” and “Organizational Standards” for “Assessment and Analysis” … which is the reporting by contracted specialists to McKenzie Centre about their professional development, professional supervision and support so that management can be certain that the contracted specialists are competent in providing service to children and their families. This requirement has since been addressed and steps have been put in place to ensure that this is recorded by McKenzie Centre on an annual basis.
The next external review of the Specialist Standards will be in three years time.