McKenzie Centre - Realising a child's potential - Early intervention for children with special needs - Te Whare Awhina o nga Kohungahunga Haua



Programme and Sessions

At the Centre we use a transdisciplinary approach to intervention. In this approach the family is on the team and involved at every stage. Each family will have a KEY WORKER. Your key worker will ensure all the services are coordinated for your family and they will provide intervention for your child. They will involve other staff members and services when it is appropriate. In consultation with your family the key worker may change depending on the needs of your child and family.

The Centre programme provides a balance of therapeutic, educational and support activities in a play based caring environment, to nurture the development and needs of a child with special needs and his/her family. The Centre's programme is planned using Te Whaariki – The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum - and involves the individual children and families' needs and interests. This is reviewed each term and displayed in the large playroom.

Families/whanau attend sessions with their child on a regular basis supported by their keyworker. The frequency is dependent on your needs. During the session you will have some time with your keyworker discussing progress, goals and relevant issues. Other staff members are also available. During the rest of the session you have the opportunity to play with your child to develop and practise some of the skills suggested by your keyworker. Each session has a music time where everyone gets together as a group to enjoy action songs and the children learn many skills such as attending, listening, choosing songs and taking turns.

In consultation with parents/caregivers referrals to other agencies are coordinated by the Key Worker.