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It Takes Two To Talk® - The Hanen Programme for Parents was developed by The Hanen Centre®, Toronto, Canada and is recognized around the world as an evidence-based program that gives parents the tools to become their child's language facilitator and improve their child's communication.

At McKenzie Centre, both our Speech Language Therapists, Estelle Pretorius and Anita Wilson have received specialized Hanen training

to lead It Takes Two To Talk® for groups of parents.

When parents participate in It Takes Two To Talk®, they learn to:

·        recognize a child's attempts at    communication; and then

·        respond in a way that encourages further attempts to communicate

·        encourage the child to take ongoing turns in an interaction

·        build their child's understanding of language

·        expand the child's ability to express him or herself

·        use the It Takes Two to Talk® strategies during their everyday routines in a fun way.


We believe that if families can attend the programme at the commencement of their time at the Centre, they will get a big head start on supporting their child's development.



The It Takes Two To Talk® Program includes:

-      an orientation evening

-      group parent training sessions; and

-      individual home visits.


Parents learn how to help their children interact and communicate during activities and conversations that occur naturally throughout the day. Throughout the It Takes Two To Talk® Program, they share ideas and receive support from other parents who are going through similar experiences.

The parents who have attended It Takes Two To Talk® are very enthusiastic about the programme and have reported significant improvements in their ability to identify and interpret their child's attempts to communicate. They report that this has encouraged their children to communicate more, for example using more sounds and gestures or combining more words together. They acknowledge that it was a lot of work, but a fabulous way to encourage language, interaction and play.


A parent who attended an It Takes Two To Talk® Program at McKenzie Centre said, "Watching our own videos and seeing ourselves in action (with our children) makes the learning more valuable and memorable".

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