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Now and Next


McKenzie Centre, in partnership with Plumtree Children's Services, NSW Australia, are delivering Now and Next – New Zealand! We have completed 3 Now and Next courses in the Waikato to date and they have all been very successful. 

We are so grateful to be working in partnership with Plumtree Children's Services, to deliver this innovative programme delivered by parents to parents.       

We would like to thank CCS Disability Action and the JR McKenzie Trust for grants that have made this possible, supporting McKenzie Centre to deliver Now and Next courses to parents and whanau throughout the year.

The Now and Next programme helps families develop skills to achieve positive outcomes for their child, family and self.   Participants choose goals and work towards them in the programme with new clarity and purpose.  The Now and Next program is family centred, based on strengths and takes account of how adults learn.

Learn how to set goals and reach them through this innovative programme delivered by parents for parents, along with creating positive relationships with professionals.


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Testimonials from parents who have done the Now and Next Program

"For me Now and Next was more than just the course. I got to know other families who share same problems and realizing that we are not alone in this journey. When I came to know about other parent stories it made me realized that I can do it too. Apart from that the course has offered us some very useful strategies and tools which I can use for life long. I really miss meeting and catching with other families from my group.” Sani.

 "Now and Next has taught me various facts about my life. I was very excited and loved the idea that setting the goals every week was bringing me a step closer to my long term goal. Learning the process of setting and achieving the goals has made me feel a lot more empowered. I liked the idea of attending the course with my husband because that gave us unity and stability which resulted in better managing the goal setting. I also learned very useful tools like PERMA and Positive Psychology. I felt there was a strong connection and a feeling of acceptance and acknowledgment when we shared our stories in the group.” Angela and Koro.


Additional Information

 Leaning in to relationships with professionals: video recording of the Second Annual Now and Next Alumni Conference, June 2018 Panel, in which Trisha and Hori participated:

External evaluation of the Now and Next programme by the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute: 

Now and Next informal blog showing how this work evolved in collaboration with families from the start: