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At McKenzie Centre, we provide specialist Early Intervention for pre-school children who have special needs, and their families, throughout the greater Hamilton area.  We are also a licensed Early Childhood Centre.  


 Why is Early Intervention important?

Young children learn and develop differently.  One child may talk earlier than others.  Another child might walk later.  Often, these differences will even out over time.  But some children will need extra support.

You may see signs which indicate your child might need extra support.  If you suspect your child does have a delay, the earlier you get help, the better, and Early Intervention can make a difference.



Any child aged from birth to school age who has a physical or learning developmental delay or is behind in at least two areas of development such as:

●          Physical – includes vision and hearing, gross or fine motor skills.

●          Cognitive – play skills, attention, memory, problem solving, sorting skills and visual perception.

●          Communication – how the child understands what is said and how the child uses sounds, words or gestures to let others know what he/she wants.

●          Social/Emotional – the child's ability to interact, respond and engage in social situations.

●          Self Help – including feeding, toileting and dressing skills.


We have specific expertise with children who have conditions such as:

Spina Bifida

ASD -Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cerebral Palsy - including Hemiplegia


Chromosonal Syndromes - e.g. Down Syndrome, Cri du Chat, Soto

Visual Impairment

Global Developmental Delay - GDD

Head Injuries and Acquired brain disorders


Perceptual disorders

Balance and coordination difficulties

 Mission Statement - 2010

We help children under six with special needs to realise their potential by providing an early intervention service that is child-centred, play- based and family focused






On Sunday June 24th 2012 Trisha Benge, our Centre Director, Helen Gempton, our Business Manager and a couple of parents were interviewed on Radio NZ's One in Five programme. The link to hear the 23 minute show is  and click on interview from 24 June 2012.



Please be vigilant when entering or reversing out of the car park area, as it can be very hard to spot little people there.  Thank you!