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McKenzie Centre.

Early childhood intervention and support for children, from birth to school age, with a developmental delay or disability.

Welcome to McKenzie Centre.

At McKenzie Centre our education and health professionals provide early pre-school intervention for children with special needs.

We develop specific strategies in partnership with whānau (families) to promote each child's development. These strategies are child centred, play-based, and whānau focussed.

We understand that every child is unique and young children can learn and develop in different ways from one another.

Our specially crafted services - from individual programmes to group support and more - benefit your child and whānau.

 - Realising Your Child's Potential -

Why is Early Childhood Intervention  Important?

Every young child has an individual path to development and each learns and develops differently. One child may talk earlier than others. Another may walk later. Often, these differences will even out over time. But some children will need extra support. This is where the team and programmes at McKenzie Centre can help.

At McKenzie Centre, you’ll find a welcoming team of early intervention specialists dedicated to partnering with your family/whānau to realise your child’s potential.

We are here to help you and your family. Our focus is on understanding and supporting the whole family to learn, grow and develop, to achieve a good life.

Your child is precious – we know that and so do you. At McKenzie Centre, we recognise that you are an expert when it comes to your child, and through a caring and respectful partnership, we’ll work together to set and attain each goal, and celebrate every achievement!

 Join us in realising your child’s potential.

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