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Family Peer Connectors Model

16 December 2021 – McKenzie Centre has developed and delivered a Family Peer Connector model as part of the Child Development Service Improvement Programme.

McKenzie Centre delivers child development services in the Waikato region.

The model brings together a group of Family Peer connectors to build family capacity and contribute to better futures. This approach reflects their overarching family-centred practice.

McKenzie Centre have worked collaboratively to see Family Peer connectors recognised equitably in their role, and remunerated for their services and expertise, alongside others who form a team around the children and families of the centre.

At this early stage, McKenzie Centre have affirmed:

  • a family-centred, capacity building approach to early intervention must include Family Peer Connectors

  • this strengths-based approach acknowledges the potential already within children, families, and communities seeking to start where they are at, to amplify and enhance existing skills and expertise through relational engagement and coaching

  • a cohort of Family Peer Connectors has begun to mobilise to provide peer-led engagement and facilitation with families

  • intentional connection, capability building, and advocacy are the critical elements of the Family Peer Connector approach

  • the Families Empowering Families peer network is also an important network for the Family Peer Connectors to be part of, as well as providing additional connections with other families.

For more information contact:

Trisha Benge  – McKenzie Centre Director